TT Pocket Tools EDC Keychain Pen Review: WRITE ANYWHERE

EDCers are going to love this thing. TT Pocket Tools released this little fella on KickStarter around a year ago and it was a good success but I see it becoming even more popular as more and more EDC fanatics (especially those copper guys) get a hold of this quality keychain pen.

tt pocket tools edc keychain pen review

The owner Todd used to make these things BY HAND but now with equipment funded by KS he can pump them out and get them in the hands (and on the keyrings) of those who really want them.

Let’s take a look at the materials and specs before getting into the review:

tt pocket tools keychain pen materials


  • 0.35″ (9mm) Diameter
  • 3.25″ Long Closed, On Keychain
  • 2.94″ Long Open ‘In-Use’, Off Keychain
  • Ink – D-1 Style Fisher Space Ink Refill

To give you some perspective, with this pen on my main keyring it’s only barely longer than my car’s key fob.

Let’s get into my review:

I love this pen so far. It writes well, the machining is quality and the threaded seal of the pen feels solid. When it’s closed, nothing is getting in there. I’ve removed the ink refill and fiddled with the o-rings and everything goes back together smoothly with minimal fuss.

tt pocket tools edc keychain pen 2

tt pocket tools edc keychain pen

SIZE MATTERS: It’s not a full-size pen so you’re using a fairly small writing tool – but you understand that right? You are buying a keychain pen afterall. For me writing with the pen took some getting used to however the convenience of having a pen on your keychain that you can’t LOSE like a pen in your pocket is priceless. Have you ever been in an airport needing to fill out an immigration form, looking frantically and asking around for a pen? Yeah that won’t happen anymore with this pen.

I actually found it improved my writing quality by having me adopt a soft grip and holding the pen carefully – I’m a death gripper.

Build quality: It’s nice, it really is. The material feels great, the finish is nice and polished, and I foresee all of these lasting a long time.

Now the juicy stuff – my feedback!

I guess my one feedback point would be the size – it would be NICE if it was a bit longer however I understand the constraints of the length and having it on a keychain. Also the area of the pen where you grip is quite thin, it would be nice if the grip area was the same diameter as the pen cap and rear part of the body. This would require changing the cap type so that the grip-area of the pen could be thicker, as is it has to fit into the pen cap. Here are my ideas to make that happen:

  • If you could move the threads closer to the tip of the pen, and have a smaller cap that allowed the grip area of the pen to be larger. Also less threads would allow the grip area to be larger by requiring less of the pen to fit inside the cap.
  • Change from threads to another style of cap like a snap on or slide and lock type fit. This also opens up the opportunity to enlarge the grip area of the pen with the pen cap just covering up the tip and leaving a thick body for gripping.

Anyhow thanks for reading my review and I hope you check out TT Pocket Tools! They have a sale on right now so you can get this EDC Keychain pen for $10 off taking it down to $35 which I think is a steal for a real quality US made pen.

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