Keyanchor Keychain & Multi-tool Review – How Can You Say No?

Replace your everyday crappy keychain with the KEYANCHOR – seriously it weighs ONE GRAM and runs circles around your existing keychain setup. Can yours clamp your keys down, open a bottle cap, open a paint can, open boxes, and more? Probably not. 


keyanchor review

I’m so excited to get my hands on this simple yet brilliant piece of tech. It’s probably pound for pound the most valuable item you can add to your everyday carry collection – it does so much and can actually replace most of the functions of a regular sized multi tool, and also silences your noisy key chain. Here’s how it works:

keyanchor assembly demonstration

Use the spring loading to sandwich your noisy key collection between the hooks of the anchor and the keyring. You now have a lightweight way to organize your keys, and perform useful multi-tool actions with the anchor at the bottom.

You can use this thing as a standalone multi-tool that hangs on your existing keychain, or you can make it your main keychain as shown above – I personally think that having keys on it would make it a more effective multi-tool since the keys give you something to grasp onto and leverage say for example opening a beer bottle – you can see in the GIF that they both come off fairly easily but when using it as an opener with the keys on the ring it looks much more stable:

keyanchor opening beers

Anyhow here’s the rest of the specs on this little bad boy, I seriously can’t wait to get my hands on one to do some real testing. These guys are really close to hitting their Kickstarter goal so head on over and support if you like their product and what they’re doing, I sure do.

  • PROPOSED USES: Bottle opener, nail saver, key organizer, box opener, pry bar, paint can opener, screwdriver, USB friendly (you can have a USB on the Keyanchor), zipper pull, lucky charm, solo bottle opener, split keyring, key silencer
  • CNC’d from Grade 5 titanium – boom this thing is going to outlive you!
  • Weighs 1g
  • Comes in 4 or 8 key version
  • You can choose front or side hole optionally
  • Keys with holes larger than 10mm must be placed in the middle of the stack of keys – this means you can’t use a key with a hole larger than 10mm without two other keys with holes less than 10mm.
  • Have you ever used a crappy keyring? These guys made a titanium split ring for the Keyanchor

Hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Once I receive a Keyanchor I’m going to release a video doing tons of bad ass stuff with it so stay tuned.

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