Dash 4.0 Wallet Review – Not Impressed

dash 4.0 minimalist wallet review

Back in 2013 the Dash 2.0 was the first minimalist wallet I started using. It was pretty flimsy and not the highest quality, but I was hooked on having such a small wallet that could fit in my front pocket and carry everything I need.

I didn’t really use the quick-access card slot too much but the wallet served me fairly well until it wore out in a year.

Since then I’ve been using a Bellroy Card Sleeve and comparatively it’s been miles ahead of the Dash 2.0. Durable, rugged, holds its shape and isn’t wearing out, and you can tell this thing will last.

Now looking onto the Dash 4.0 I still see some of the design flaws of the 2.0 showing through. The 2.0 had some sort of leather stitched onto a cloth material that held together the whole wallet. The Dash 4.0 is much of the same, some leather-like canvas stitched to cloth – it looks alright but it’s flimsy and doesn’t inspire much confidence for durability.

dash 4.0 minimalist wallet review

The hard leather/cardstock feeling part presses against the cloth innards and makes a weird fit for putting cards in, and they’re also not very easy to take out – especially the easy access card slot. I saw a video of someone using it but I cannot get my main card in and out of there with the slip of a finger at all. The leather portion flexes oddly over the cloth insides and the cards also get caught on the seams.

I’m not a big fan of the through-pocket. Maybe in theory it’s nice for stuffing cash into but I personally don’t want my cash to have an open bottom to slip through.

Overall for me this wallet seems poorly constructed again, uses a weird canvas that feels stiff, and that canvas is stitched to a cloth interior that makes up the rest of the wallet.

I was going to do a 30 day test transferring all of my cards and cash to the wallet and seeing how it held up over a month but I don’t want to, to be honest. After loading all my cards in, it was near impossible to use the quick access slot, I didn’t like where the cash was supposed to go, and it felt cheap in my hand and pocket. It also shipped with a defect which doesn’t help its case.

Good luck to Dash Wallets in the future and thank you for this opportunity to review your newest wallet.

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