The 10 Best Whitening Toothpastes for Stain-Free Teeth

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on whitening treatments to get white, stain-free teeth. Instead, you can use a whitening toothpaste to get the same great results at a far lower price without the inconvenience of making trip after trip to your local cosmetic dentist’s office.

The Best Shaving Creams for All Skin Types

The shaving cream you use has a huge impact not only on the closeness of your shave, but on the way you skin feels. Choose a cheap, low quality shaving cream and you could be left with a rough, uneven shave and serious razor burn that annoys and irritates you for days.

The 5 Best Razors for Shaving Your Head

Thinking of shaving your head? Whether you’re shaving off your hair to avoid haircuts or to deal with balding, it’s important that you have a sharp, easy-to-use razor on hand to prevent yourself from developing cuts, scratches and razor burn.

The Best Body Groomers: Our Top 5 Recommendations

Not long ago, trimming and shaving body hair was something that the vast majority of men had no interest in. Cyclists and other athletes aside, most men didn’t even think about trimming their body hair, much less buying a product to help them do so more easily.  Today, things are very different, and a huge percentage of men trim at …

The Best Dental Floss: Our Top 5 Recommendations

There are three keys to a great smile: a good diet, regular brushing and regular flossing. Get all three right and you’ll be rewarded with good looking teeth and fresh breath; forget only one and it’s easy to develop halitosis or deal with unhealthy teeth with nasty food remnants stuck inside.

The Best Nose Hair Trimmers

Good grooming is the key to maximizing your looks and enhancing your appearance. While all of us are familiar with the importance of shaving or grooming facial hair, far fewer people have an active approach to trimming their nasal hair.

The Best Natural Deodorants for Men

Few grooming and hygiene products are as important as deodorant. Unfortunately, few are as packed with chemicals, heavy metals and other substances that can damage your skin, cause painful rashes and even potentially lead to the growth and development of cancers.

The Best Safety Razor Blades for a Perfect Shave

Switching from a cartridge razor to a safety razors is one of the quickest, cheapest and easiest ways to improve your share and eliminate razor burn. But it’s the blades you use — not just the razor itself — that determine the quality, closeness and smoothness of your shave.

The 5 Best Disposable Razors for Men

Contrary to popular belief, you can get a great shave using a disposable razor. While the cheap razors you see on supermarket shelves might not get the same amount of praise as a high-end double-edge or straight razor, they’re every bit as useful and much more readily available.