Finding The Best Hair Dye for Men

While there’s nothing wrong with going gray, most of us would like to hold onto our natural hair color for as long as possible. A good hair dye can help you keep your hair looking like it always has (or, if you prefer, give it a new color) no matter when nature starts to turn your hair gray. Read on to discover options for the best hair dye for men no matter what your hair color.

There are a wide variety of hair dyes for men on the market, ranging from inexpensive dyes to high-end products that promise a natural result. Most men’s hair dyes are affordable, with the premium dyes priced at $20 or less, making it easy to afford to retain your hair color.

We tested a variety of hair dyes to find out which of the most popular brands is the best overall hair dye for men. As well as the usual brown, black and blond hair dyes, we also tested dyes for beard and mustache hair, as well as hair dye made specifically for African American men.

Our full list of hair dye reviews is below. In each review, we’ve looked at the naturalness and consistency of each dye’s color, as well as how easy it was to apply. If you don’t want to read our full reviews, you can use the quick links below to jump to our favorite hair dyes:

As you can probably tell from our recommendations above, Just For Men really dominates the market for men’s hair dye. Below, we’ll review each of the products listed above in more detail so that you have a better idea of which hair dye is best suited for your hair and desired look.

The Best Hair Dyes for Men

Men’s hair dyes come in a variety of types. Some hair dye needs to be applied to your hair by a brush-in applicator, while other dye uses a shampoo-in formula that you can apply by rinsing the formula into your hair.

For our recommendations, we’ve chosen shampoo-in hair dyes, since they’re the easiest to use and tend to provide the best results.

Just for Men Shampoo-In Hair Color

best men's hair dye shampoo for guys going grey

Just for Men Shampoo-In Hair Color is the most popular hair dye for men available. It’s also by far the best on the market. This hair dye is available in 14 different colors, ranging from sandy blond to dark black. It looks natural, is easy to apply and lasts for about four to six weeks.

We tested several hair dyes and found that Just For Men provided the most natural looking color in every shade. This hair dye has a deep color with the type of color variety that you find in real, natural hair. There’s no Sharpie-style artificial black here — this actually looks real and natural.

This hair dye is ideal for men with long or medium length hair, although it also looks good when applied to short hair. If you have short hair, you might need to apply it slightly more often to keep a consistent color, as the gray hair will grow back in faster than it would with a longer haircut.

Applying this hair dye is simple. It’s a shampoo-in formula, meaning you can apply it as a rinse to quickly cover up gray hair. To use this dye, lather it into your hair and let it soak in for five to seven minutes before rinsing out excess dye with your normal shampoo.

One huge advantage of this dye, particularly for people that aren’t used to coloring their hair, is that it doesn’t have a harsh, chemical feel. Leave this dye in for slightly too long and there’s no risk of damaging your skin or hair, provided you rinse it all out once you’re finished.

Just For Men makes this dye in 14 different colors. Each color has several different shades — for example, there’s a Jet Black and Real Black — making it easy to find the right dye to match your natural hair color. The products photos on Amazon are a good indicator of each dye’s final color.

This dye lasts for about six weeks before the color begins to fade slightly, meaning you’ll need to reapply it every four to six weeks to maintain a natural look. A three-pack costs around $20 from Amazon, meaning the total cost of using this hair dye is less than six dollars every month.

All in all, whether you need to cover up gray hair or just want to adjust the color of your hair, Just for Men Shampoo-In Hair Color is our choice for the best overall men’s hair dye. It’s easy to use, looks natural and lasts for long enough that you don’t need to worry about constantly reusing it.

Click here to check the current price and view color options for Just For Men Shampoo-In Hair Color on Amazon.

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color For Men

review of clairol hair dye for men going gray for beard and hair

If you’re looking for an alternative to Just For Men, Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color For Men is a great choice. This dye is a little different from the shampoo-in dye above — to apply it, you can either comb it into your hair for a blended look, or brush it in for a more consistent color.

Once you’ve applied this hair dye, it lasts for about six weeks, assuming you shampoo your hair once every other day. The color of this hair dye fades slightly slower than the Just For Men dye, making it a good option if you prefer a low-maintenance hair dye to easy application.

Clairol makes this hair dye in five different colors, ranging from light brown to black. There’s also a mixed black/brown color, as well as dark brown and medium brown. Unfortunately, there is no blond version of this hair dye available for men.

Since this is a normal hair dye and not a shampoo-in dye, you should know that the color will get darker the longer you leave it in your hair. To match the color seen on the packaging, make sure you set a timer and follow the instructions provided by Clairol.

All in all, this is a good hair dye that lasts for a long time and delivers a natural color that’s ideal for covering up unwanted gray patches. Since it lasts for about six weeks without fading quickly, this is a great low-maintenance alternative to the Just For Men hair dye we reviewed above.

Click here to check the current price and view color options for Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color For Men on Amazon.

The Best Beard and Mustache Hair Dye

Just For Men Mustache and Beard Brush-In Color Gel

best mustache and beard dye for men

A lot of the time, your facial hair will start to turn gray, either entirely or partly, before the hair on your scalp. If you’d like to fill in gray patches in your beard and keep a consistent color for your facial hair, you’ll like Just For Men Mustache and Beard Brush-In Color Gel.

This is a simple, brush-in color gel that colors gray hair in about five minutes. Unlike the Just For Men dye we reviewed above, this isn’t a shampoo-in formula — instead, you can apply it to your beard and mustache using a simple applicator brush.

Using this beard dye is simple. After applying it using the brush (which is supplied with the dye) it takes about five minutes to fully soak into your facial hair. This dye is designed to only target gray hair, meaning it won’t affect the color of any non-gray facial hair surrounding it.

This makes it great for touching up gray patches without having to dye your entire beard. It also means that one pack can last for several months of use.

There are only two downsides to this beard dye. The first is that you’ll need to apply it frequently compared to most hair dyes, since it’s a color gel rather than a full strength dye. If you have lots of gray spots in your beard, expect to apply this about once or twice every week.

The second is that the gloves supplied with this dye are a little thin. We recommend using a pair of thicker rubber or latex gloves while you apply this, assuming you have some available in your home. Other than these minor issues, this is by far the best beard dye on the market.

Just For Men makes this color gel in nine colors, ranging from jet black to blond. To find the right color for you, check the product photos on Amazon — they’re an accurate representation of each dye’s real color.

Click here to check the current price and view color options for Just For Men Mustache and Beard Brush-In Color Gel on Amazon.

The Best Hair Dye for African American Men

Because African American hair is thicker and curlier than European hair, African American men will get better results using a hair dye that’s specifically formulated for their hair type than from a dye designed for European hair.

We’ve picked out the Jet Black version of Just For Men’s Original Formula, which is the best hair dye on the market right now for African American men.

Just For Men Original Formula Men’s Hair Color in Jet Black

best hair dye for black and african american men

Just For Men makes several dyes for black hair, of which the Jet Black is by far the closest to a natural African hair color. The other — Real Black — is aimed at European men with black or very dark brown hair, with a slightly different formula and final color.

If you’re looking for the best men’s hair dye for African hair, this is our recommendation. It works just like the other colors of the Just For Men Original Formula Hair Color — just shampoo it in for five minutes, work it into a normal lather, then rinse it out once the color is applied.

This dye lasts for four to six weeks, meaning you’ll need to reapply it once every month to keep a consistent appearance. A pack of three containers costs around $20 on Amazon, making this both a convenient and affordable way to quickly recolor gray hair back to its original black.

If you also have areas of gray hair in your mustache and beard, Just For Men makes a matching jet black beard color gel for African American men.

How To Use Hair Dye Safely

If you’ve never used hair dye before, it’s important to test your hair dye using a process called a “patch test” before you apply it to your hair.

A patch test is a small test of your hair dye that’s designed to make sure you don’t experience a full allergic reaction after you apply the hair dye to your scalp. While hair dye is completely safe, a small percentage of people can experience allergic reactions to the chemicals in hair dye.

If you’re prone to eczema or a condition called contact dermatitis, it’s especially important that you test your skin before you use hair dye.

Your hair dye will include instructions on how to do a patch test. We highly recommend doing a patch test at least 48 hours before you apply dye to your hair for the first time, as this will allow you to find out if you’re at risk of developing an allergic reaction.

The vast majority of men can use hair dye without any risks, but it’s always best to be safe than sorry. Make sure you do a patch test before you dye your hair for the first time and you’ll avoid a nasty, uncomfortable rash and/or a potentially serious allergic reaction.

What Do You Think is the Best Men’s Hair Dye?

As you can probably guess from our recommendations, we’re fans of Just For Men’s range of hair and beard dyes. While Just For Men is our favorite, there are numerous other men’s hair dye products out there, from Clairol Natural Instincts to vegan hair dyes like Arctic Fox.

If you dye your hair, what do you think is the best men’s hair dye on the market? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations in the comments and we’ll include them in our next hair care product review and buyer’s guide.

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