Best Combat Boots for Men

Combat boots are designed to handle the demands of life in the armed forces, making them the perfect choice if you’re searching for boots that can go anywhere and do anything without falling apart in the process.

Best Hiking Sandals for Men

If you like to hike, travel and adventure in warm summer weather, nothing beats a good pair of hiking sandals. Hiking sandals are designed to provide all of the grip of a pair of boots without the weight, heat and lack of breathability that’s all too common with heavy leather footwear.

Best Hydration Pack for Hiking, Running, Biking & More

Whether you’re a runner or a downhill mountain biker, staying hydrated is the key to getting the most from your sport. Since carrying a water bottle is impractical for most sports and impossible for others, a good hydration pack can be a very valuable addition to your adventure toolkit.

Best Messenger Bags for Men

Don’t want to carry a briefcase? Don’t need the storage space of a weekender? If you need to store your books, laptop and other items throughout the day, there’s no better carry bag option than a messenger bag.

Best Shampoo for Men: Reviews & Guide

A good shampoo is the foundation of any hair care routine. While it can be tempting to pick up the cheapest shampoo when you visit the supermarket, investing in a good shampoo will give you smoother, stronger, better looking hair that makes a real difference to your appearance.

Best Socks for Men

While socks might not make as much of a statement as a nice suit or a winter jacket, they’re one of the few items of clothing you truly can’t live without. Check out our guide covering the best socks for men – no matter what the purpose is!

Best Cast Iron Skillet Reviews

If there’s one item you should really invest in for your kitchen, it’s a good cast iron skillet. From steaks to pan fried vegetables, the ability of cast iron cookware to retain heat makes it the best material available for preparing almost every meal you can think of. Better yet, assuming you care for it properly, there’s a good chance your …

The Best Instant Coffee: Our Top 6 Recommendations

best instant coffee 2017

There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Although we’re big fans of a freshly brewed cup of espresso, there are some occasions where you just don’t have the time to brew a cup of coffee from scratch.

The Best Humidors for Your Cigar Collection

Whether you like your cigars from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador or anywhere else in the world, nothing is more important for keeping them in great, smokable condition than a good humidor.