Some people (myself included) consider having a light on you at all times essential, if your car breaks down and you need to investigate, or simply find something you dropped in a dark space a small light could be your hero. A light on your keychain only needs to save your butt once to pay for its self (depending which light you get of course) – and also it adds to that massive keychain of […]

Top 6 Best Keychain Flashlights For EDC

tt pocket tools edc keychain pen review
EDCers are going to love this thing. TT Pocket Tools released this little fella on KickStarter around a year ago and it was a good success but I see it becoming even more popular as more and more EDC fanatics (especially those copper guys) get a hold of this quality keychain pen. The owner Todd used to make these things BY HAND but now with equipment funded by KS he can pump them out and […]

TT Pocket Tools EDC Keychain Pen Review: WRITE ANYWHERE

dash 4.0 minimalist wallet review
Back in 2013 the Dash 2.0 was the first minimalist wallet I started using. It was pretty flimsy and not the highest quality, but I was hooked on having such a small wallet that could fit in my front pocket and carry everything I need.

Dash 4.0 Wallet Review – Not Impressed

Replace your everyday crappy keychain with the KEYANCHOR – seriously it weighs ONE GRAM and runs circles around your existing keychain setup. Can yours clamp your keys down, open a bottle cap, open a paint can, open boxes, and more? Probably not. 

Keyanchor Keychain & Multi-tool Review – How Can You Say ...

Light is life – whether you’re looking for a flashlight to keep on your keychain, in your pocket throughout the day, in your vehicle, or in an emergency spot around the house, you need a flashlight that won’t let you down.

Best Flashlight Under $50 Tactical & EDC Options

sudden coffee reveiw 1
I love coffee, I love the taste and I love the effects of caffeine. I’m an addict okay! That means I need coffee wherever I go, except for during the few times a year when I’ll do a coffee “deload” and take a break, and trust me it’s not easy.

Sudden Coffee Review: Instant Coffee Done Right?